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Hi there!

Thank you for coming by and viewing my photographs. I will share a little bit about myself and how these photographs came to be.

As a child my father was in the British army and we moved location every couple of years. When I was 10 years old we moved to Singapore (this was in the 60's so, yes a long time ago! ) All was well until I was required to attend boarding schools; in those days there were no grammar or secondary schools on the island.  It was traumatic to say the least when I said" goodbye" to my family for months at a time; I traveled alone by plane or train.  At around age 11 or 12yrs.,  my father gifted me a camera to take with me and that little black box became my companion and confidant. We went every where together; of course film was expensive then, so one had to be very careful about the number of photos one could take. Another year and many roles of film later, my father a photographer himself bought me a set of oil paints and an easel. This started another chapter in my artistic endeavors. I Painted portraits of people, pets and horses. This became a medium that would quickly earn me money.

For your interest, one of the paintings I did of the Queen Mother is at the Buckingham Palace.

After painting for a number of years and using my photographs to paint from, my passion turned exclusively to photography. 

What you see here is an accumulation of my travels, portraits, horses, and interpretive fine art.

I hope that within these images, you recognize the spark of the Divine, or something within you triggers a memory.

The Universe and  our Creator provides an amazing palette for our eyes and soul. "Where Heaven meets Earth." May you be inspired to believe that this world is a beautiful place.

You may purchase images of your choice here. I am  also available to take your portrait or family portrait. My contact information is below..

I have had clients ask me to go on location with them for a favorite landscape photograph.

When you have a photograph of something or someone special in your home, you have that moment as a visual memorial, it is yours and that moment cannot be recaptured.

Give yourself the gift of making memories that last and last..


I invite you to share your wishes with me and together we can create memories for you to treasure forever.



 I have received several awards recently

- "First in class for the Nature Category " from the :

Professional Photographers of  San Diego County. (PPSDC) of which I am a member. 

My work has been accepted into the Del Mar Fair California for many years and this year 10 images have been accepted (results are still pending at this time)

-The winner of the  quarterly competitions for first place in 2016 and 2017 in color from  " San Diego Darkroomer's Club" where I received the honor and my name engraved on the bronze camera statue that has been around longer than I have..

I am a member of ; - The Professional Photographic Society in San Diego County (PPSDC)

                              - Pacific Photographic Society - (PPS)

                              - Professional Photographers of America.  (PPA)



You may contact me at Tel :


email :


Thank you for stopping by, it would be a pleasure to work with you.. Angie