The Horses of the Camargue, France.

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These photos were taken in the South of France in the Camargue area. I took a few of them in the marshes requiring me to wear wader-boots that came up above my waist. Underfoot the mud felt like quick sand and one could not stand in one spot for long due to sinking down a few inches making it very difficult to take one step in front of the other.  Our cameras were protected as much as possible from the water and splashes from galloping horses. My Nikon D5 served me well for this event. Gallop through the marshesGallop through the marshes 180317_untitled_0488-Edit-Edit180317_untitled_0488-Edit-Edit

The experienced "Guardians" (Ranchers) rounded these horses that are wild, roaming around the areas. The horses shown on my website reflect my time there. I would return again without doubt. If you would like further information about the trip I would highly recommend the Company I went with "Create Away" based in France. Please contact me for more details if you wish..

"Freedom to roam"

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This was taken in Baja, California. Horses were set free after working for 3 days at a ranch and kept in an outdoors fenced area. I photographed them using a Nikon D5 camera with an 18-300 mm lens. The time of day late morning, bright and sunny. Horses are unpredictable, they may  gallop in all directions.  Horses are magnificent animals and I love to capture them in a photograph especially in action. This is one of my favorite photographs of them during my visit.  They are well nourished with ample food and water. No predators in the area.


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