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I share with you my inspired moments through photography.  I traveled the world as an Army man's daughter growing up.  Uprooted every couple of years and saying goodbyes to friends and family as we moved from place to place; I sought solace in nature and the ocean. I felt the Divine essence in all that is and within myself this   strengthened me. There were times where day dreams engulfed my vision swimming in a changing sky. Vivid sunrises and sunsets on the island where we were stationed called the artist within to paint these pictures and keep them.  I felt inspired and motivated to keep re-visiting these vistas as much as possible for peace, for grounding.  My life's experiences had to transcend into the photographs I create today. My hope is that you enjoy these image;  the "Heaven on Earth" as I impart God's palette to you.. Where ever you are in your life,  take the time to reflect and breath, take the time to stop for a moment and absorb the Divine in and around you. You are unique, special and a part of all that is. Treasure your moments they will soon be gone. Linger on an image for a while and reflect.

"Reflective photography that inspires."


You may purchase photographs  printed on a variety of mediums such as metal, canvass or paper.

Prints may be purchased from this web-site directly.  A few of my clients have hired me for a day or half a day to take that unique photo for them. Perhaps a favorite scene or a place you would like to immortalize for ever. Tell me what you are looking for and together we can make a piece of art you would be proud of.



About me : I have received several awards recently- "First in class for the Nature Category " from the :

Pacific Photography Society, San Diego County. (PPSDC) My work has been accepted into the Del Mar Fair California for many years.

-The winner of the  quarterly competitions for first in color and monochrome prints  in 2016 and 2017 at the " San Diego Darkroomer's Club"

I am a member of ; - The Pacific Photographic Society in San Diego County (PPSDC)

                              - Pacific Photographic Society - (PPS)

                              - Pacific Photographers of America.  (PPA)



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Thank you for stopping by it would be a pleasure to work with you.. Angie