The photographs that you see here are a fraction of places I have visited and life I have experienced.


If my camera could tell you a story; it may begin when I was given a camera  by my father at 10 years of age. He was saying good-bye after dropping me off at boarding school in Singapore. It was a day I shall never forget.

My camera became my trusted friend, the one that snapped photos of children around the villages of Malaysia. I made friends with photos of the animals at the zoo, children laughing and playing around the villages. I watched  women washing their clothes at the road-side. I became the "watcher" My keen eye would record some of the emotion of those around me, animals or people their relationship to the world.

My camera didn't record the sounds of a thousand birds flying over-head or the sprinkling rain on geraniums, the smells of freshly mowed grass. Through the eyes of a child, some 50 years later, I am still doing the same, following a passion that was inert in my soul.


In addition to my camera, I owned a pencil and art paper and soon both my camera and my art became great friends; I drew and painted those faces,  animals, birds. I tried to capture their emotion and interaction within their worlds. Time is speeding by faster than ever it seems; making it even more important not to waste the minutes, rather freeze them in a photo.


Over the years and having raised 4 children, I had the opportunity to capture them and their reactions  with the world,  the ups and downs of living a life on this planet. My family don't remember a time where my camera and I were not together..


This maybe a longer introduction to my work than you usually see in a bio; but I wanted to share with you what I convey  through my photographs.  I have painted portraits of people and animals. One of my portraits of the Queen Mother is hanging in Buckingham Palace.  I no longer paint, but my camera and I shall continue to be active for many years to come.. What you see are not just snap-shots; rather a collection of many years of work, love, experience and sheer joy in recording my vision of the miraculous phenomena we call "life".


 I take the responsibility of being true to my friends, living with great integrity and valuing our earth.This maybe a longer introduction to my work than you usually see in a bio; but I wanted to share with you what I convey  through my photographs.


Cherish your memories as I cherish mine, enjoy the positive and the beautiful, focus on that and your world will become a better place..


I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America - PPA

also a member of PPSDC - Professional Photographers of San Diego.




I am located in San Diego area.  My portraiture and family photography are on location.

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My tel. number is 619-370-2262

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Thanks for "peeking through the window of my soul"